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Bugatti Magnum (limited edition)


Author: Hugh Conway/Maurice Sauzay

Date: 1989

Bugatti. Thoroughbreds from Molsheim.


Author: Pierre Dumont
Date of Publication: 1975

La Vie en Bleu


Author: Peter McFadyen
Date of Publication: 2010



Author: George Monkhouse
Date of Publication: 1937

Bugatti poster portfolio


Author: PML editions
Date of Publication: Unknown

Bugatti – la pur sang d’automobiles


Author: H G Conway
Date of Publication: 1979



Author: Paul Kestler
Date of Publication: 1981

French Vintage Cars


Author: John Bolster
Date of Publication:1964

More Motor Racing. The Postwar Years


Author: Rivers Fletcher

Date: 1991


Bugatti Great Marques Book


Author: H G Conway
Date of Publication: 1984