132 Of The Most Unusual Cars That Ever Ran At Indianapolis


Author: Lyle Kenyon Engel
Date of Publication: 1970

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Ever since the first ‘500’ at Indianapolis in 1911, designers from around the world have dreamed, worked on and created cars with which they felt they would be able to capture the pot of gold awarded the winners of the world’s greatest race. Throughout its half-century existence the Indy ‘500’ has always been the world’s richest auto race. Total prize money in 1911 was a then-unheard-of $27,550 and it has increased steadily over the years until it is now almost one million dollars — unquestionably the richest racing prize in all the world.

In their search for fame and fortune race car builders conceived a bewildering variety of systems which they hoped would work better than those of their competitors. Sometimes their ideas worked quite well-sometimes they worked not at all. But regardless of the degree of their success, these innovative cars have always been the most interesting ones at the Speedway.

This book discusses the greatest and most unusual cars that ever ran at the Indy track. In it are six-wheeled cars, two-engined cars, turbine and turbocharged cars, diesels and side car racers. They run the gamut from Stutz and Delage on through Miller, Duesenberg, Peugeot, Novi, Mercedes-Benz and the Offenhauser- and Ford-powered Lotuses, Lolas, Eagles, Coyotes and Hawks.

Every one of the 132 cars discussed is illustrated photographically in this greatest of all Indy car collections. This volume will undoubtedly capture the interest of every racing fan for many years to come.

Hardback in generally very good condition with good dust jacket.

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