A Tall Short Story / Transmogrification


Author: John Bradshaw
Date of Publication: 2011

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A true account of the creation of a Morgan-Ariel Special.

With inspiration and help from friends in the Morgan & Ariel worlds – plus many others – a 3-wheeler has been built in the vintage style out of many parts, mainly from Morgans, Urals and Ariels, hence its name: Muriel. Some bits even came from ancient aircraft, so its Aero label is almost justified.

The (real) trials and tribulations that were eventually surmounted in over a decade of work are recounted & illustrated with numerous drawings & photographs. This is actually a BOGOF. Buy one, get one free. TRANSMOGRIFICATION is the truth – how the vehicle was actually built over a decade, with all the errors, successes and compromises laid bare.

However, despite being clearly a 1930s cyclecar, it obviously had no real history, and so it is created in A TALL SHORT STORY, which is all lies. Or fiction if you prefer.

The two books are bound together as one – back to back. Soft cover in as new condition.

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