A-Z British Cars 1945-1980


Author: Graham Robson
Date of Publication: 2006

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This is the largest and most detailed encyclopaedic study ever produced of all the models of cars produced by British manufacturers in the period.

Just over 700 individual models are covered in text entries totalling more than 250,000 words. Full specifications and performance figures are given, along with production numbers and dates. All the entries are illustrated with contemporary photographs from the archives – overall views, model variants, interiors, dashboards, engine bays, and cars rallying or racing.

A wonderful range of photographs provides essential information and builds up a panoramic view of motoring and the development of the car in the post-war period.

Compiled by Graham Robson, who has been writing about cars and the motor industry for over 40 years, and whose knowledge and accuracy are unchallenged, this A-Z is a vital reference work which supersedes all others.

Hardback in excellent condition throughout.

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