Against the Odds. Jordans drive to Win (signed)


Author: Jon Nicholson / Maurice Hamilton
Date of Publication: 1999

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** Signed by both Eddie Jordan and author Maurice Hamilton. ** This title should have been a record of glorious success. Instead, it turned into a thriller, the inside story of a struggle to survive in one of the most cut-throat and glamorous sports in the world. In 1998 the Jordan team set out with the intention of winning their first Grand Prix. Confidence was high. The budget was in place. So was the technology to build a winning car. Tempting Damon Hill to drive was the final step. However, it soon became apparent that finishing the race would be an achievement, never mind winning it. As the season got into its stride, Jordan were left behind. The book had been agreed before optimism had given way to disappointment. Yet Jordan permitted the authors to continue their work and record the sometimes excruciating story of a team in crisis.

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