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Author: Leon Mandel
Date of Publication: 1982

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The American car has been at the centre of American culture and lifestyle for nearly a century.

Here, in one magnificently illustrated volume, automotive historian Leon Mandel recreates the complete story of this fascinating American obsession, from the first bicycle-wheeled horseless carriage to today’s fuel efficient international cars.

Writing with verve and authority, Mandel recounts the engrossing story of the automotive industry’s per-sonalities, the companies they founded, and the wonderful cars they created. The Model T Ford, the Pierce-Arrow, the Duesenberg, the Packard, the Lincoln Continental, and the Muscle and Pony cars of the sixties and seventies are among the cars whose histories are told and lavishly illustrated. The industrialists and geniuses of design and engineering_-Ford, Olds, Buick, the Stanley brothers, Chrysler, the Packard brothers, Du-Pont, the Duesenberg brothers, DeLorean, and lacoc-ca–come vividly to life as their triumphs and failures are described. Conflicts within the manufacturing com-panies, as well as the industry’s battles with government, dramatize each stage of the narrative.

Over 450 photographs of 350 cars from the Harrah’s Automobile Collection in Reno, Nevada, the world’s largest collection of cars, were specially created for this book with great skill and artistry by Baron Wolman and Lucinda Lewis.

Large format hardback in excellent condition throughout with clean, bright dust cover. Nice example.

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