American cars of the fifties (Olyslager Auto Library)


Author: Bart H Vanderveen
Date of Publication: 1973

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American Cars of the 1950s provides a comprehensive pictorial and factual survey of passenger cars produced in North America.

(USA and Canada) during the period 1950-1959. It also deals with a number of cars produced in South America. The book is a logical follow-up to American Cars of the 1930s (1930-1939) and American Cars of the 1940s (1940-1949) and takes up the story where the latter left off. During the decade under review here, the typical American car was transformed from the straightforward immediate post-war model to the tail-finned dual-headlight giant, with automatic transmission and power assistance for brakes and steering very much in evidence.

It was also the decade during which Chevrolet and Ford introduced their Corvette and Thunderbird sports cars, and the latter its ill-fated Edsel. By 1959 the ‘Big Three’ introduced their compact cars. All these, and hundreds more, are covered in this unique reference book which contains over 330 illustrations and will prove a must in every motor vehicle enthusiast’s collection.

Hardback and dustcover in excellent condition for age.

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