Aston Martin V8s


Author: F Wilson McComb
Date of Publication: 1985

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There’s a long, long tradition for hand-building really high performance, expensive, even exotic sports grand touring cars in Italy. And it still exists today. There has been something of a lesser tradition in Great Britain in the postwar years which has now virtually fizzled out. In fact, there’s only one manufacturer left producing such a road-going animal – it’s Aston Martin and its V8.

Whatever else may or may not incline you to these cars there’s no denying that they are beautifully made by some of the world’s finest craftsmen using the highest quality materials, and that they are simply enormously expensive. For these reasons alone the V8 Aston Martin is a rare and exotic beast.

This development history unravels a vast complexity of models and sub-models, of short production run changes in styling and trim as well as the whole spectrum of changes and counter-changes in power unit specification.

If ever there was a simple all-embracing model name for a multitude of species, it’s the Aston Martin V8. Whether the model line fades gradually or spawns new life-blood into a future of less difficult times it cannot be denied that these exciting cars are truly significant, showing how life springs eternal where the maximum ‘everything’ is the goal in sight.

1984 hardback edition in generally good conditon throughout.

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