Author: Ron Kimball
Date of Publication: 2008

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Since the first cars rolled off the assembly line in the 20th century, automobiles have represented a fulfilment of our dreams. Selected for their technological innovations, engine power, and sheer beauty, the cars in this lavish volume are unsurpassed as objects of design and invention. Superb studio images from one of the world’s foremost automotive photographers depict the outstanding qualities that make each a masterpiece. From the 1923 Duesenberg Touring Car to the classic Ford Mustang of 1964 to the Ferraris of the 1990s to the 2006 Aston Marton D89 Volante convertible, this spectacular volume spotlights cars that are the stuff automobile enthusiasts’ dream of.

This is a stunning oversize book with spectacular photography throughout. In very good condition throughout.

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