Bentley Specials & Special Bentleys (Vol 2)


Author: Ray Roberts
Date of Publication: 2003

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In this second volume, Ray Roberts continues his coverage of the WO, Derby and Crewe built chassis, by way of a register style format for cars which are special by design, such as: the Andrew Day Supercharged 3/8, YR22 The Gordon Russell 3/8 litre Special, the McLeod H J Mulliner Lightweight Derby Bentley registered H1, and the Alan Padgett built Mark 6 specials.

There is also a section on aero engined cars – Graham Moss and the ‘Thunderbolt’ record breaking car, which is built on a 6.5 litre type chassis running with a V12 Rolls Royce Merlin engine. Constructors, ‘B’ series and superchargers, competition drivers and personalities are also included along with scale model cars, and racing, with a comprehensive section charting 50 years of racing of Cricklewood, Derby and Crewe cars at venues around the world.

Specially constructed and modified cars are treated in some detail, as is the photographic record. A brief chapter touches upon Bentley pre-war racing. Bentley artwork also gets a mention along with coachwork, dashboard Illustrations, price records, and Four Litre chassis current history.

A further 500 cars not included in Volume 1 are recorded, which together with the Volume I chassis and registration numbers included in the Indices, make a grand total of 1300 cars recorded.

Hardback in very good condition. Minor bumping to corners. Dust cover clean and bright with minimal scuffs.

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