Best motor Racing Stories


Author: Douglas Rutherford
Date of Publication: 1965

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Men’s veins have pulsed to the thrill of racing in its various forms since the earliest civilizations. Motor racing is a mere half century old. But no sport has more meaning in this bustling civilization of ours than these speed contests in which perfection of engineering must combine with superlative skill and daring.

Douglas Rutherford has brought together in Best Motor Racing Stories a series of thrilling episodes which range from 1906 to 1960. Some are fact: accounts of their own larger-than-life exploits by the great drivers of the past – Birkin and Segrave among them. Others are fiction selected from the finest stories inspired by this scorching sport. They reflect not only the development of the motor-car from the two-ton thundering monsters of the pioneer period up to the slim, snarling nacelles of today, but also in a strange way man’s changing attitude to heroism and daring.

Yet through all the change one factor remains constant. The race! These are not all success stories. Some tell of valiant de-feat. But they all illuminate some facet of a great and mysterious truth: man is never more vibrantly alive than when he throws down the gauntlet in the face of death.

Hardback in excellent condition, dust wrapper also verey good, just minor scuffs and in protective clear cover.

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