Bugatti. A Racing History


Author: David Venables
Date of Publication: 2003

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A full history of Bugatti, from Ettore Bugatti’s endeavours with a racing motor tricycle in 1898, through to the building of the first racing T10 at Cologne in 1910, the opening of the Molsheim factory and racing at Indianapolis in 1914. The book examines the personality of Ettore Bugatti, his lifestyle, his factories and the lives and loves of his drivers.
Written by David Venables, a distinguished automobile historian, author of the well-received Napier: The first to wear the green and First Among Champions: The Alfa Romeo grand prix cars. Formerly the Official Solicitor, he is Assistant Editor of the Vintage Sports-Car Club Bulletin, and races in vintage event
2002 first edition. Hardback in excellent condition.

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