Buick 1946-1978


Author: Norbye and Dunne
Date of Publication: 1993

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This is a comprehensive year-by-year account of one of the most important marques in the American automotive industry during the period following World War II.

A vital part of General Motors, Buick achieved a prestigious reputation for its quality, especially through engineering advances and product planning. Abounding in technical detail, Buick’s most important developments are explained fully here, including the straight-eight engine, the Dynaflow automatic transmission, and Buick’s power brakes and steering systems.

All of the technical and styling changes in the Buick production models are outlined, from the Electra to the Special, Road master to the Century. Also covered are Buick’s unique show and
experimental cars.

Other significant changes that affected Buick as well as the rest of GM are included, such as the evolution of the Fisher A-, B-, and C-body cars as well as the adoption of the powerful V-8 engine and the compact V-6. Rounding out this book are chapters on,Buick’s response to the market demand for smaller Ucars and the development of the beautiful Riviera.

Hardback in very good condition, dust wrapper also good, one very small tear to front.

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