Cabriolets. Magnificent Convertibles of yesterday and today


Author: Jean-Paul Thevenet / Peter Vann
Date of Publication: 1985

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Roadster, Spider (or Spyder), Speedster, Convertible, Ragtop, Drophead or Cabriolet – every country, if not every car maker, has different names for a car with a fold down roof.

The original name “Cabrio-lait” has its origin in the way horse-drawn carriages bounced about on the frequently awful surfaces of 18th century roads. This word, stemming from a native-French expression, reminds us that the convertible car is synonymous with freedom and travel.

This book, written by Jean-Paul Theve-net and Peter Vann is however not a dry treatise on the word “Cabriolet” and its roots, but rather a eulogy to a very special kind of motoring. The Cabriolet and its associations with freedom and travel did, after all, give the motor car its real meaning.

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