Cadillac. Great Marques Poster Book


Author: Andrew White
Date of Publication: 1986

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The sixth title in the Great Marques Poster Book series is devoted to one of the most highly regarded makes in the world: a marque known for its sheer quality and style. Cadillac has been making fine automobiles since the early days of motoring and their cars have been much sought-after.

There are many classics from this company but the finest years were probably the 1920’s and 1930’s when the most talented American bodymakers and stylists produced masterpiece after masterpiece. All the best loved Cadillacs are here: the V16, the be-finned Cadillacs of the 1950’s. the Eldorado Convertible, right up to the Seville and the era of the Cadillac ‘compact’.

Each car is illustrated in full colour with technical specs and a brief history on the reverse of the sheet. Perforated down the margin, each print can be removed for framing if required.

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