Carroll Shelby’s Racing Cobra


Author: Dave Freidman, John Christy
Date of Publication: 1992

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Tells the story of Carroll Shelby’s innovative Cobra racing car, and includes recollections from the drivers and crew. The story of one of the strangest matches ever made. A good ‘ole boy from Texas and his band of merry and hugely talented -iconoclasts, wedded to the gentlemen at Thames Ditton, England and the simple businessmen of Dearborn, Michigan. The movie will never be made because the script is too improbable, but fortunately we have 400 pictures so you can see for yourself.

The story is just a tick on the clock really, from 1962 to 1965, but right from the start it was a bombshell. Narrator John Christy probably catches it best when he says about the debut of the Cobra at the New York Auto Show in the spring of 1962. ..”everyone who saw the car somehow just knew it could suck the headlights out of anything else in the building.”

That’s what the car was really all about, and that’s what this book is all about: how the Cobra, the supreme cobble-job of all time, blasted to the checkered flag and turned sportscar racing upside down. It was a time and a feat never to be duplicated again, and that realization has now made it all the more remarkable and precious–to the participants.

This is as accurate and complete a story as possible to compile, based on the recollections of many of the people who lived out those days. All of the facts are true, some straighten out a few well-publicized fictions, and just a bit of it will never wear off anyone who ever heard a Cobra rumble down the road.

Hard back and dust cover in generally good condition throughout.

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