Cars. A celebration


Author: Quentin Wilson
Date of Publication: 2001

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Quentin Wilson the undisputed king of classic cars takes a nostalgic spin through the golden days of motoring. Covering everything from kitsch cars to sleek roadsters in his inimitable style he unveils a fabulous collection of over 150 classic cars. With a keen eye for performance and styling Quentin Wilson has chosen a superb line-up of cars mouthwateringly photographed and furnished with all the facts and figures you’ll ever need.

From the curvaceous E-type to the legendary GT40 Wilson dishes up the detail on classic cars from all over the world. You can cruise through alphabetically arranged profiles technical specifications and construction data right down to every last spoked wheel and swing half-axle. Wilson provides an engaging history of these coveted classics with everything from the retro appeal of America’s “muscle cars” – Mustangs Corvettes and Firebirds – to the advent of classic car auctions and the huge price swings that accompanied them. Style trends and engineering developments are also covered in wilson’s usual entertaining fashion. A series of illustrated sketches neatly captures the famous and infamous personalities of the car world. This is essential reading for anyone who like the author can’t resist engines that sound “like someone tearing sheets.”

Hardback and dust cover in excellent condition.

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