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Author: J D Scheel
Date of Publication: 1971

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In the year 1770 Nicolas Cugnot mounted his massive steam tractor and drove it before the Duke of Choiseul at a speed of two and a half miles an hour. Almost two centuries later Sir William Lyons announced the ‘E Type’ Jaguar, a mass-produced sports car capable of a speed over fifty times greater.

Between those dates, and mostly in the last 75 years, the motor-car has assumed a bewildering variety of forms and become a moulding force of our civilization. In this book author and illustrator introduce the most famous models that mark this fantastic history.

The story is told in over 85o full colour illustrations of remarkable clarity and accuracy accompanied by descriptive text. A historical survey covers the development of the motorcar and its industrial background, and in the 170 colour pages the cars are classified by country and manufacturer. A short account of motor-racing completes the book. 1964. Reprinted. 216 pages. Illustrated dust jacket over blue cloth boards with gilt lettering.

Hardback and dust cover in excellent condition for age.

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