Cars That Time Forgot


Author: Giles Chapman
Date of Publication: 1997

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Fasten your seat-belt for a fascinating ride through the motoring wilderness. Here, gathered together for the first time, are page after page of the strangest cars man has made – cars you will probably never have heard of, let alone seen before.

These are the waifs and strays of the wheeled world; they range from the earliest Toyotas to the latest, fashionable Metros, they come from as far apart as Turkey and Tokyo, they were created by fashion designers and flying aces, they’re long and short, fast and slow, glamorous and – sometimes – ghastly.

But, most of all, the Cars That Time Forgot represent man’s never-ending quest to see his dreams come to life. Join us for a rummage through The X Files of the car world.

Hard back in very good condition.

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