Chronicle of the American Automobile. Over 100 years of Auto history


Author: James M Flammang
Date of Publication: 1994

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All the innovation, fun, and excitement of a century of great American cars can be found in Chronicle of the American Automobile, an authoritative, picture-driven history that every car lover will find indispensable.

* Lively picture/caption format, chronologically arranged in handy year-by-year timelines, 1893 to the present
* Thousands of rare, fascinating photographs, including hundreds in full color
* Informative, accurate captions and production charts
* Coverage of makes, both major and minor: Ford.
Hudson, Haynes-Apperson, Dodge, Maxwell, Moon, Chevrolet, Autocar, scores more
* Great automotive personalities: Henry Ford, Walter Chrysler, Preston Tucker, Alfred Sloan, Lee Iacocca. many others

Large format hardback in good condition.

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