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Author: Roger Hicks
Date of Publication: 1996

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It is now over a hundred years since the ‘Patent Motorwagen’, generally acknowledged as the world’s first practical automobile, emerged from the Benz workshop.

Since those early pioneering days of the fledgling industry many manufacturers have appeared on the scene, only to disappear just as suddenly and almost without trace.

A number of notable exceptions, however, have survived and continue to lead the way forward in terms of engineering excellence, sheer luxury and exotic good looks with performance to match.

Mercedes, Roll-Royce and Cadillac can count themselves among the founding fathers of the industry, while the more recent arrivals, such as Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar, have made a valuable contribution with their youthful vitality and panache. These, together with the exuberant creations of the American industry’s post-war era, are the stars of this superb collection of some of the world’s great classic cars.

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