Coupes. Classic coupes and Berlinetta of yesterday and today


Author: Jean-Paul Thevenet / Peter Vann
Date of Publication: 1986

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Coupes (closed two-seaters) and Berlinettas (small “saloons” have always been amongst the purest expressions of automotive art.

The proportions of a Coupe or Berlinetta lend themselves to long, rakish bonnets, flowing roof lines and curvaceous tails – giving designers unparalled freedom to exercise their skills. Engineers, too, have been able to achieve mechanical excellence, for these are above all sporting cars: they could be described as the sports cars of the discerning.

This book is a feast of classic Coupes and Berlinettas in which every connoisseur will find pulse-quickening cars to covet. Within these pages, the lens of Vann and the pen of Theve-net have captured the essence of some of the world’s finest cars.

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