Cunningham Sports Cars: American Racing Legends 1951-1955


Author: Karl Ludvigsen
Date of Publication: 2003

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Time magazine cover hero and America’s Cup yachtsman Briggs Cunningham cut a swathe through the post-war sports-racing scene with his magnificent Cunningham sports cars.

Bursting into view in 1951 with his Chrysler-powered C-2 sports-racers and in 1952 with the production of the C-3, a Vignale-bodied car built as both a coupe and a cabriolet. The C-4R was his 1952 racer, still Chrysler-powered, which performed well at Le Mans and was all but unbeatable in American racing.

The C-5R of 1953 was a challenger to the Jaguars at Le Mans. In 1954 Cunningham raced a much-modified Ferrari with water-cooled brakes and in 1955 introduced his C-6R.

Fabulous unpublished pictures from the Ludvigsen Library show these great cars on the track and at rest. They carried the American flag at home and abroad with style and panache.

2003 soft back in good condition. Very slight browning to page edges in some places, but otherwise very clean.

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