Delage. France’s Finest Car Volumes 1 and 2


Author: Cabart/Rouxel/Burgess-Wise
Date of Publication: 2007

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Magnificent two-volume set in matching slipcase, 530 pages in total. Signed by all three authors.

To connoisseurs of fine automobiles the name Delage uniquely combines performance and elegance, symbolising luxury and the fine French taste that is summed up in the simple phrase ‘La Belle Voiture Fran├žaise’, The most beautiful French car.

This long awaited book, the first comprehensive history of Delage ever published in the English language reveals that such a reputation is only achieved by unrelenting enthusiasm and effort.

‘Keep it simple, make it strong,’ was the guiding principle of Louis Delage when he founded the company bearing his name in 1905. Surrounding himself with a gifted team of associates, he rapidly gained the commanding heights of the French motor industry, simultaneously triumphing in the leading concours d’elegance and on the race tracks of the world.

When the financial crisis of the 1930s arrested its meteoric progress, the Delage marque continued to flourish under the sheltering wing of Delahaye, and survived honourably for a further twenty years, outliving most of its competitors.

Limited signed edition, in mint condition. Scarce and highly desirable.

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