Donald Campbell: 300+ A Speed Odyssey: His Life with Bluebird


Author: David de Lara
Date of Publication: 2016

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Donald Campbell was born into the world of record-breaking, as the only son of the legendary Sir Malcolm Campbell, famous in the inter-war years as the ultimate record breaker with nine land and four water speed records. This richly illustrated book provides a unique insight into the life of Donald Campbell, a brave and intense man obsessed with doing better than his father and flying the flag for Britain as the pioneering nation of speed record breakers and leading-edge designers.

With much new and rare material, it reveals the record attempts made with his Bluebirds on land and water, capturing the life-and-death dramas played out against the barren backdrop of Lake Eyre in Australia and the verdant hills surrounding Coniston Water in the English Lake District.

Hardback in very good condition throughout.

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