Drive On! A Social History of the Motor Car


Author: L J K Setright
Date of Publication: 2002

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People are unfair to the car. They criticise what it has done to society, without giving due recognition to what is has done for society- which was effectively to liberate it. The development of the car has been distracted, delayed and debased by all manner of social pressures; any failure to keep its initial promise, Setright argues, is not the fault of the concept, but of people.

Drive On! looks at the world-changing history of the car decade by decade and charts how cars have adapted as a result of what society has demanded of them. Separate chapters are devoted to such things as where to stop and what to wear, tyres and wheels, city driving, 4-wheel drives and a series of chapters looks at the technological changes of the last century, from wooden wheels to computer control.

This is a car book unlike any other- stimulating, informative, provocative and witty. Hardback in excellent condition with excellent dust jacket in clear cover.

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