Duesenberg. The Pursuit of Perfection


Author: Fred Roe
Date of Publication: 1986

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Fred and Augie Duesenberg with the financial help of Edward Mason built Cars bearing the Mason name as early as 1905 and this was the way it was through to 1912, with much national race success, but ‘the boys’ wanted more recognition of their work and initially the name Duesenberg was accredited to the engine, with the Car still a Mason.

1913 saw the first Duesenberg ‘complete package’ and with the experience and much success already under their belts, it was only a matter of progressive time before the ‘Big Prize’ at Indianapolis came their way, with Joe Boyer giving them the win at the ‘500’. in 1924.

No one-off this, for Peter DePaulo did it again for the brothers in 1925. With their advanced engine design capability, it saw them equally at home with aviation and marine work, but it is for the magnificence of the luxury road cars of the thirties, that they are best remembered.

The whole story comes beautifully to life, in the style and manner we have come to expect of the Dalton Watson Publications.

The book runs to 286 pages with an abundance of superb photos of the finest Coachbuilders craft applied to the finest engineering craft of Fred & Augie.

Dalton Watson Hardback in very good condition with good dust jacket, slight scuffing, creasing to top edge, sunning to spine leaking to rear in places. Scarce.

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