Eugenio Castellotti. A Stolen Heart


Author: Cesare di Agostini
Date of Publication: 2001

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A driver of great courage, a young man full of life generous: Eugenio Castellotti lived just 26 years and five months – not much more than James Dean – and was a symbol of a love of motor racing, of challenge and risk.

A victory of heart over reason was what they called his greatest success, the 1956 Mille Miglia win and it is to the beat of his heart that most of his brief existence is inexorably linked. Alife which, for the first time, has been reconstructed after vast detailed research and is now a new book, published simultaneously by Giorgio Nada Editore in two versions, Italian and English.

The author is Cesare De Agosini, one of the best-known motor sport writers, who has also given us the biographies of Tazio Nuvolari, Gilles Villeneuve and Clay Regazzoni, three authentic best sellers. His elegant writing style, rich with poetic inflection, goes well the mere chronological reconstruction of Castellotti’s life. He digs deep into the soul of the man, to enable the reader to participate not only in the facts but also the feelings, the passions, the emotions of this young man.

This new book is complemented by an extraordinary collection of photographs, brought together by Gianni Cancellieri: beautiful pictures, many of them unpublished, that come from private collections and some of the most prestigious archives in Europe and America.

Fascinating and scarce harback in generally good condition. Minor browning to some page edges but otherwise clean and bright.

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