Excuse my Dust


Author: Bellamy Partridge
Date of Publication: 1943

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When the first automobiles came chugging up Main Street in the home town of the Country Lawyer, driving the horses up the telephone poles and raising an intolerable dust, they overturned the old order of country life with the violence of an invading army.

It is of these turbulent days when spark-plugs and miles-per-gallon were first becoming current in Phelps, N. Y., that Bellamy Partridge is writing in “Excuse My Dust,” the last in the “Country Lawyer”— “Big Family” trilogy.

Many of the favorite Partridge characters are in the narrative, while the main character is young, ambitious Tom Hunter, the bicycle and automobile mechanic around whom the story is built. Tom had his counterpart in evory other small town in the country, and his is a story of the battle against horse and buggy tradition that will carry the reader back to those lost turn-of-the-century days.

“Excuse My Dust” is full of the humor and salty anecdotes characteristic of “Country Lawyer,” and draws a delightful picture of the days of “get out and get under” when the monkey-wrench was as essential to travel as a tank full of gas.

American hardback in very good condition with bright dust wrapper, some small scuffs and tears.

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