Fiat Sports Cars. From 1945 to the X1/9


Author: Graham Robson
Date of Publication: 1984

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Fiat SpA since 1945 has been a prolific manufacturer of sport cars; real sports cars, even within the established definition which has somehow stuck to those cars from Great Britain. For every MGB or Triumph TR3, Austin Healey Sprite or Morgan Plus 4 there has been a contemporary, competitive Fiat.

Fiat Sports Cars is logically constructed with ten chapters – each one covering a suitable series of cars, suggesting, therefore, that in the near 40 years since the end of the Second War their output has been enormous. Here’s how the cars (and chapters) breakdown:

  • 1100S and Trasformabile
  • 8V – the engineer’s toy
  • 1200S and Oscas
  • 2300S Coupé
  • 850 Coupé and Spider
  • 124 Spider and Coupé
  • Dino – the Maranello connection 128s – the front-drive coupés
  • 130 Coupé – speed with dignity
  • X1/9 – mid-engined elegance

Add to this but five appendices which sort out the 124 Abarth, the Ferrari and Fiat co-operation, the Fiat powered Lancias in the 1970s, the Stratos (Fiat money) and the Fiat turbine car.

All the above have ‘classic’ car following and none before have been properly analysed for those enthusiasts, at least not as part of an overall Fiat sports cars story.

Scarce hardback in excellent condition throughout, with a good virtually unmarked dust cover.

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