Fifty Years with Motor Cars


Author: A F C Hillstead
Date of Publication: 1960

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Mr Hillstead first sat behind the wheel of a horseless carriage when, at the age of fourteen, he drove his father’s 8 h.p. De Dion in 1903. He worked at Brooklands in those early, golden days of the track before the first World War, and drove Commer lorries in Patagonia when that country resembled the wilder parts of the wild west.

Here he tells of his years spent in the service of motor cars, his association with the men who made them, tested and raced them and, not least important, those of whom for many years he was one-who persuaded the public to buy them.

Many may well find the section dealing with Mr Hillstead’s association with Bentley Motors the most enthralling part of an enthralling and informative book. Frankiy inspired by W. O. Bentley’s recent autobiography to set down the facts concerning this famous marque as he saw them, Mr Hillstead—who was the company’s sales manager until the coming of the Barnato millions-has here indeed told his story with no holds barred.

The photographs are a unique collection as they illustrate the actual motor cars, people and episodes described, and have not been dug up later on in an attempt to find something similar. Here is not only an important source book for motoring historians, but also a vivid, most readable and authoritative picture of a vanished age and of the cars and characters that populated it

Hardback in excellent condition throughout. Clean bright and with very good green boards. Dust cover also very good, now in protective clear cover. Excellent example.

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