Fins and Chrome. American Automobiles of the 1950s


Author: E John DeWaard
Date of Publication: 1982

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An unabashed look back at this fabulous era in the United States and examines the times through the cars of the period.

The station wagon was popular, catering to the changes in lifestyle which were evolving. A new taste for luxury emerged. A new and growing generation of teenagers, fascinated with cars, developed their social lives around the automobile, displaying themselves at drive-ins, cruising, drag racing, or hanging out at the hamburger joint.

Customizing was the thing to do in order to be different, and many youths indulged in wild metallic colors, flame painting, changing lights and grillwork, and adding chrome. Others were less adventurous. While stock-car racing remained a popular pastime, the development of faster and more powerful cars encouraged the trend toward more superspeedways.

FINS AND CHROME captures the mood of an expansive nation in full flow. Together with hundreds of exciting photographs, this lively text succeeds in reviving that spectacular decade in American history.

Hardback in excellent condition throughout.

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