Forty Years With Ford


Author: Charles E. Sorensen
Date of Publication: 1957

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Charles Sorensen sometimes known as “Henry Ford’s man,” sometimes as “Cast-iron Charlie” tells his own story, and it is as challenging as it is historic.

He emerges as a man who was not only one of the great production geniuses of the world but also a man who called the plays as he saw them. By the end of his career, Sorensen he had become an officer of the company: a vice president and a director.

Speaking figuratively, he saw himself during most of his career as “a viceroy ruling the production province of the Ford empire,” and at the end as a “regent,” who managed the company during the “interregnum” between the reigns of Henry Ford I and Henry Ford II.

UK first edition hardback in generally very good condition with good dust jacket, one or two scuffs but otherwise an excellent example of a scarce edition.

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