From Cyclecar To Microcar


Author: Michael Worthington-Williams
Date of Publication: 1981

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Back in July 1965, in the late lamented Veteran and Vintage magazine, that influential and knowledgeable journalist, William Boddy of Motor Sport wrote an article entitled ‘The Greatest Lost Cause of All’. Its subject was the cyclecar, a small, ultra-light vehicle bridging the gap between the motorcycle combination and the motor car proper, in its original 1910-1925 guise.

In conclusion to the article he said: Few true cyclecars have survived, for they were crude when born, and quickly decayed. Yet a book could be written about this particular, rather forlorn, ‘lost cause’ which was reared amid scenes of great enthusiasm, yet never had the backbone or stamina necessary for survival.

Michael Worthington-Williams in his book fills that void and takes it further, exploring the development of the cyclecar and its derivatives throughout the Twentieth Century, through the medium of contemporary photographs and interesting captions.

Hardback in generally very good condition, very slight marking to a couple of early pages, with good dust jacket.

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