From Here to Obscurity


Author: Ray Miller
Date of Publication: 1973

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Illustrated history of the Model T Ford, 1909-1927. On October 1, 1908, the infant Ford Motor Company, which had been established a brief five years before, announced its newest and. it was believed, most satisfactory entry into the growing automobile market.

When the last of the model was assembled, in May of 1927, a virtually unbroken line of over fifteen million Model T Fords had been produced. Although the concept persists that they were all alike, this was not the case. The familiar accusation that “you could have any color you want – so long as it was black”, while true for the greater part of the production run, was not always so. Early cars, up through 1913 were available in bright colors, as were those produced in 1926 and 1927.

The changes made in the Model T were incomprehensible in number. Yet, with them all, almost all of the critical parts of the car were interchangeable from one model year to any other. Very little was permitted to be changed on Henry Ford’s pet that would obsolete parts previously produced, and for this reason most changes were minor and were made almost imperceptibly. Changes, when made, did not. occur at any given time; they were incorporated during production as the supply of the older parts became exhausted.

Those to whom “restoration” is a word denoting a serious attempt to return a car to its pristine factory-issue will find these pages a truly significant contribution to their efforts. Those whose curiosity is active will find an aid which is unmatched. Even those who have never had a Model T will find hours of pleasure in watching the successive changes appearing in the Model T Ford.

Hardback in generally good condition. Dust jacket also clean, some minor scuffing/tears to corners and spine

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