Gotha De L’Automobiile Francaise


Author: Claude Rouexl
Date of Publication: 2010

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This book could be sub titled: “Hispano, Delage, Bugatti, Farman and the others…”. These “others” bear names that are very well known, little known, sometimes unexpected… or even completely forgotten: Renault, Panhard, Voisin, Peugeot, Delaunay-Belleville… or Mors, Gnome-Rhne, Ren Fonck, Ballot… . or even Delahaye, Talbot, Facel-Vga… then, among the bodybuilders, Binder, Kellner, Saoutchik… and many others… A list of unexpected marques and information.

Huge reference work in French. Haas inscription and signed by Laurent Friry, and a tipped in card from Rouexl, thanking the owner for their friendship and signed by ‘Maria Christina’, unknown – possibly assistant.

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