Grand Prix People. Revelations from inside the Formula 1 circus.


Author: Gerald Donaldson
Date of Publication: 1990

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Author has spent a year walking through the pit lane, press teams and paddock to talk to the people at the heart of Grand Prix racing.

The drivers, team managers, designers, engineers and mechanics; the tyre, fuel and electronics experts; the race officials, medical specialists and marshals; the sponsors, public relations people, data processors and media personalities; the hospitality staffs, catering crews and transporter drivers. They all play an essential role in the high-pressure world of Formula 1, where the clock never stops, excellence is taken for granted and perfection is the constant goal.

“It was a fascinating assignment,” says Donaldson. “These are people at the top of their chosen occupation, so whenever I switched on my tape recorder I was prepared to be enthralled. I was never dis-appointed. But I was constantly surprised.”

The result is one of the most wide-ranging and revealing studies of the Grand Prix scene ever undertaken, and a book which all followers of motor racing will find both entertaining and absorbing. H

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