Investigation into the design and performance of the Volkswagen…..


Author: British Intelligence Objectives Sub-committee
Date of Publication: c. 1947

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Investigation into the design and performance of the Volkswagen or German People’s Car. Very rare.

This book is the report and result of an investigation by the British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, that had a number of British car manufacturers test and investigate directly the German Volkswagen after the second world war as a way of assessing the technology and also how they were able to mass produce in so many numbers. This was a vital study as the UK geared up mass production post War. Complete with many photos, pull out diagrams, technical data, every aspect of the early VW laid bare for examination. A fine historical document of an iconic vehicle.

The reprint of the book can be found online, but this is one of the extremely rare originals, printed in 1947. Missing from probably every Volkswagen collection. Given that it is soft cover it is in remarkably good condition, some inevitable scuffs marks and tears to cover but internally extremely clean and remains tightly staple bound. 135 pages. Not to be missed!

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