Jacques Henri Lartigue, Photographer


Author: Vicki Goldberg
Date of Publication: 1998

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Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) is now firmly established as a figure of essential importance in th history of Photography.

An amateur graced with a genius for form, he was already producing astonishing photographs at the age of twelve, capturing the carefree antics of his eccentric family and friends.

It was in these early years that he developed a fascination for the subjects that concerned him throughout his life: the immensity of the world to a child; the seaside; fashionable woman in ostrich feathers and plumes; and, above all, movement, from people walking or jumping to flying machines and motor cars.

This is a magnificent tribute to a much-loved photographer and a real joy to behold.

Hardback in excellent condition with good dust jacket in clear cover.

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