Jaguar E-type 3.8 & 4.2 6-cylinder; 5.3 V12


Author: Denis Jenkinson
Date of Publication: 1982

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By 1961 the motoring public were well used to Jaguars; what with their striking appearance, reliability and speed, value for money and race winning habits. The XK had moved slightly away from being a rough, tough sports car; the 150 just teetering on being more ‘plush than rush: Their saloons were. certainly fast but were obviously more ‘gin palace than paddock bar’

Then the E type was announced.

Once again everyone was taken by surprise. There was even more shock than there had been at the postwar launch of the lithe XK 120. Here was a smooth, comfortable, even cheap, sports two seater of the English-spirit with 150 mph potential. Sir William Lyons and Jaguar Cars had surpassed themselves. Every enthusiast’s life was going to change. Here was the measure by which all post war high performance cars were to be judged, both in looks and speed. Denis Jenkinson plots the car’s development story and at the same time interlaces his own vast experience of two E types with which he criss-crossed Europe over hundreds of thousands of miles. His is a unique and fresh story.

Hardback and dust cover in very good condition throughout.

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