Jaguar V12 Race Cars. Bred to Win.


Author: Ian Bamsey / Joe Saward
Date of Publication: 1986

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The flowering of the V12 Jaguar will go down in history as one of the motoring phenomena of the Eighties.

By the end of the Seventies, the Jaguar marque was in danger of extinction. Remarkably, only a few years later it had two works supported racing teams with designs on Le Mans.

In the Seventies, the company suffered as a member of the Leyland organisation and the official Broadspeed XJ12C racing programme was a disaster. The Eighties brought a new freedom and a TWR programme that proved that a V12 Jaguar has what it takes to become European Touring Car Champion. At the same time the marque’s American importer was backing an exciting prototype racing car powered by the glorious V12 engine. This Group 44 programme took the Coventry company back to Le Mans in 1984 after a twenty year absence.

Jaguar V12 Race Cars traces the career of the V12 engine in international racing. The story starts with the ill fated XJ13 Le Mans car of 1966 and embraces the successful Group 44 E type and the XJ-S projects as well as the unsuccessful Broadspeed XJ12 project of the Seventies.

Coverage including specification details of the Group 44 and TWR XJ-S and prototype projects of the Eighties brings the story right up to date.

Hardback in very good condition throughout with clean and bright dust cover. Good example.

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