Jaguar XJS


Author: Rivers Fletcher
Date of Publication: 1983

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Jaguar is perhaps the most famous name in the world of sporting motor cars. As a marque Jaguar has always stood for speed and elegance, as a name it is synonymous with Le Mans and high performance motoring.

Nowhere is the Jaguar pedigree more exhilarating than in the flagship of the marque – the Jaguar XJS. Today this model stands supreme in the world of super cars and in this book Rivers Fletcher, a noted Jaguar enthusiast, tells the remarkable story of the car’s development, production and racing progress.

It was the XK series that took Jaguar into the thoroughbred class. In doing so the Jaguar company never allowed performance to be reduced and Rivers Fletcher, having driven all the fast prototypes from the SS 90 through C, D, and E types to the experimental XJ 13, is uniquely placed to tell the XJS story.

In this book he details all the model’s ancestors and with more than a hundred photographs shows just how the XIS is made. He brings the story right up to the minute by looking at Jaguar back on the racing circuit with the Tom Walkinshaw Racing XJS. Jaguar X]S is a remarkable account of a high performance car that is a classic of our time.

Hardback in good condition throughout.

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