Lagonda. A history of the marque.


Author: Arnold Davey / Anthony May
Date of Publication: 1983

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This is the definitive history of a remarkable line of thoroughbred motor cars, from modest beginnings at the turn of the century and the production of the first motorcycles – whose open-ended cylinders were perfectly placed to fill up with grit! – to the present day, when an electronic dashboard is just one of the exciting features of the latest prototype.

Several years’ painstaking research have gone into the compilation of this book; the authors, both officials of the Lagonda Club, drew on four important sources: firstly, contemporary letters, drawings and photographs; secondly, interviews with ex-employees, drivers and customers whose memories stretched back forty years or more (in particular Frank Feeley, who worked for the company from 1926 to 1954, rising to become chief body designer); thirdly, contemporary magazines and other publications, including of course the official Lagonda Club Magazine from 1951 to date; and finally, the cars themselves, which in some rare cases remain intact.

The Club also has relevant papers left by W O Bentley; access to the collection of photographs left by Bert Hammond, who was chief tester (among other things) during his career at Lagonda, from 1902 to 1935; and the assistance of Ivan Forshaw, the Club’s technical adviser for 25 years, whose collection of press cuttings from the twenties and thirties covers practically everything published on Lagondas,

Lagonda – a History of the Marque is a fascinating account of the company’s achievements, from the earliest pioneering days, through trial and experiment, to the realisation of some of the finest, fastest and most elegant cars ever produced. HArd cover in excellent condition. Dark blue dust cover is in generally good condition, very minor marking in places.

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