Le Mans


Author: Anders Ditlev Clausager
Date of Publication: 1982

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How does one explain the magic of Le Mans, one of the toughest motor races in the world?

During the 24 hours it lasts, the cars can clock up in excess of 3,000 miles, while lap speeds may be over 150 mph and along the Mulsanne straight cars have reached almost 250 mph.

But it is also a very historic race, since its inception in 1923, despite many alterations to the detailed regulations, the basic pattern of the race and the circuit is the same now as it was for that first one. Le Mans is much more than a race. That is perhaps what Le Mans is all about—a living tradition, which has been captured within these pages, both in historical outlook and a year by year resume illustrated with a varied selection of entrants from 1923 to 1982.

Results have also been incorporated, not as a complete list, but the most important results of each race: first three cars finishing, all class and category wins; subsidiary awards, such as Biennial Cup and Index wins.

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