Life of Spice. The autobiography of Gordon Spice. (signed)


Author: Gordon Spice
Date of Publication: 2009

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**signed by author** The life story of arguably one of the last generation of top racing drivers who smoked like troopers, drank like fish and never went near a gym.

Wickedly witty, and often politically incorrect, this is a story from a time when drivers were extrovert, accessible to the fans and could say what they thought.

In both his business and racing careers, Gordon Spice’s priority was to make money whilst having fun. Along the way he had a 23-year professional driving career, created his own car accessory empire and became a successful racing car constructor.

This is a fascinating and humorous read, with emphasis on entertainment. Gordon was a long-time front runner in what later became the BTCC, usually the driver to beat in the era of 3 litre Capris and Triumph Dolomites. He raced at Le Mans for Rondeau, finishing in the top three, enjoyed success in F5000 and later became world champion in the Group C Jr (late 2) class in the world sports car championship of the mid 1980s at the wheel of his own SPICE sports racing cars.

240 pages in total with a fine conditioned book and jacket.

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