Author: Sebastien Faures / Fustel De Coulanges
Date of Publication: 2017

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1897-1951. 55 years of engine manufacturing activities, on land, at sea, and in the air.

Story of luxury cars and host of the Grands Prix during the Belle Epoque, internationally renowned aeronautical engine manufacturer and double winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Roaring Twenties, at the origin of a giant aviation consortium and manufacturer of torpedo launchers in the 1930s… here are some of the many facets of the Lorraine-Dietrich company, the history of which this work tells for the first time in an exhaustive manner.

The story thus covers all the productions that have worn the Cross of Lorraine, and it gives special attention to the main protagonists, Adrien de Turckheim, Léon Turcat, Charles Nicaise, Marius Barbarou, Claude Bonnier, without forgetting the little-known implications of the engineers Giustino Cattaneo, Louis de Groulart, Lucien Sabathier, Giulio Cesare Cappa, Lucien Fabre, Charles Picker and Albert Lory.

Furthermore, to be complete, the portrait of Lorraine-Dietrich is enriched by that of its subsidiaries: Isotta Fraschini, Lorraine-Dietrich Ltd. Clément-Bayard, Industria Aeronautica Romana (IAR), the ambitious Société Générale Aéronautique (SGA), and finally Aero-Marine Engines Ltd. The final period traces the nationalization with the Société Nationale de Construction de Matériaux (SNCM), the occupation of the factory by BMW during the war, then the reconversion with SNECMA before the disappearance of the company in 1951.

Text in French. Large format hardback in fine condition with very good colour card slipcase, very very slight bump to one corner.

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