Lost Causes of Motoring Europe Vol 2


Author: Lord Montagu of Beaulieu
Date of Publication: 1971

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The three countries covered by Lord Montagu in this volume of Lost Causes-France, Belgium and Spain—once had prosperous motor industries. France’s was the first to achieve international renown, even though it only exploited a German invention: Belgian cars, better known outside their homeland, exemplified solid engineering and inspired work-manship: Spain’s marques were comparatively few, but they were headed by Birkigt’s Hispano-Suiza and encouraged by a monarch, Alfonso XIII, who was himself a first-class driver and knew what he wanted.

Yet today the picture is one of contraction; war, invasion and civil unrest have taken their toll of European manufacturers to an extent not always appreciated in Britain.

Hardback in good condition with clean dust wrapper, now sealed and protected in a clear cover.

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