Me and my MG.


Author: Gordon Thornburn
Date of Publication: 2011

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Stories from MG owners around the world. 2011 first edition.Hardback as new and unread.


Read about the Berkshire restorer who saw a heap of old iron in the bushes and realized it used to be a 1926 bullnose Super Sports; and the seven-year-old boy in Norfolk, Virginia, who read a book called The Red Car and knew that one day he would have to have a TC; and the Dutch boy who saw an MGB on his way to school and knew something similar.

There’s the nine-year-old French boy whose nan gave him a model kit to assemble; and the USAF fighter pilot who saw his first MG in Britain during the war and was in love for ever. A Canadian took 32 years to restore his TA, while a Swiss professor installed space-ship electronics in his TD. An aeronautical engineer was left some money and bought a 1929 18/80 Tourer that he thought had been restored. An Australian 17-year-old happened across a second-hand MGB, was done for speeding, and lived happily ever after. A Swedish boy walked out one Sunday morning into the middle of an MG rally.

All the stories are different, but the storytellers have something in common: They would all rather love—and sometimes despair of—a wonderful vehicle with faults in its character, than have no feelings about one that has no character at all.

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