Mein Mann der Rennfahrer


Author: Elly Rosemeyer-Beinh
Date of Publication: 1938

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A biography of this celebrated German racing driver, Bernd Rosemayers, as told by his wife, a renowned pilot.

In this German-language biography, Elly Rosemeyer-Beinhorn (1907-2007) details the life and experiences of her late husband, Bernd Rosemeyer (1909-1938), a German racing driver.

Rosemeyer died in an accident during an attempted land speed record. In his lifetime, he won the German Grand Prix, Italian Grand Prix, Swiss Grand Prix and the Vanderbilt Cup. His relationship with Beinhorn, a successful pilot in her own right, was very much idealised by the Nazi Party; despite Rosemeyer’s reluctance, he was ordered to become a member of the SS. Upon his death in 1938, many prominent Nazi figures, including Adolf Hitler, offered their condolences to his widow.

Profusely illustrated throughout with full plate illustrations. Hardback in generally very good condition, grey boards have some minor foxing but otherwise unmarked, dust jacket is verygood for age with only minor scuffs and marks. Scarce first edition.

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