MG Road Cars Vol. 2 Six Cylinder O.H.C. 1931-1936


Author: Malcolm Green
Date of Publication: 1997

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During the early 1930s, whilst many other car manufacturers were struggling to stay in business, the M.G. factory at Abingdon seemed to go from strength to strength.

A bewildering number of models poured out from a company that boasted the only factory in the world entirely devoted to building sports cars. Whilst it was the M.G. Midgets, the M, D, J and P models, that sold in greatest numbers, the cars to capture the largest share of the glamour were the six-cylinder models, especially the K-types, due to the exploits of the K3s.

This book recounts the development of these cars, all their many models and the changes introduced in production. The text is illustrated with a good selection of period and modern photographs..

For those either rebuilding one of these cars, or interested in their mechanical con-struction, there are invaluable chapters dealing with restoration, engine rebuild-ing, superchargers, preselector gearboxes and the electrical system.

Scarce hardback in fine condition with fine dust jacket.

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